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coppolaconsideration replied to your post “im so fuckin pissed rn I have to make a poster for an assessment and…”

Do it like a puzzle. Like split it into four pieces and then connect them later? Um…if someone you know has a desktop try that? UM UM UM MAGIC! Literally I have no idea. *sorry*

omg that’s actually a pretty cool idea holy shit I’m saving that for next time

I’ve decided to make it reeeeaaaalllllyyyyy simple instead /sigh srsly why don’t tutors take this kind of shit into consideration before they set size requirements for assessments??????????

Probably because they think we’re all magically able to afford to do whatever they want us to do. “Oh, your computer doesn’t do it? Well just buy a new computer *pats on head* next problem.” Nah, I dunno. My Post Production II teacher didn’t even know we had an assignment due last week and we told him the day before ( ‘cause we originally had another teacher and he just became our new one ) that we had it and the other teacher hadn’t shown us how to do it and we had no idea how and he said he’d show us and extend it a week and instead he just said “its easy just draw it up, scan it and put it into final cut” and its like um fucking 0% of us use final cut and we told you we didn’t know how to do it. I decided since I have no group work in it and I won’t be getting credit for any of my units anyways I’ma just not go if he’s going to be that unhelpful. Oh and he said I use photoshop “like a woman” because I don’t like using keyboard shortcuts. Like fucking sorry I don’t remember what q on the keyboard means in relation to photoshop and would rather just click a button but that has fucking 0 to do with my gender, especially because the dude next to me was like “um I don’t use keyboard shortcuts either.” RAGING!

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"I love American Horror Story!"


"Kyle and Zoe’s relationship was so beautiful, by far the best part of this season!"


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Look at me. Do not blow this for us.

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give me your wardrobe: madison montgomery

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5 Seconds of Summer perform live at Q102 radio. August 13th, 2014 

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