More photos from Kendall and Kylie’s new Pacsun Collection

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how you see yourselffancy by iggy azalea…how your family sees you….college by rogue wave…how you think your friends see youla la land by demi lovato…thinking of your friendssince u been gone by kelly clarkson…song you sing in the showerwrecking ball by miley cyrus…public transport go toevil twin by eminem…inner turmoilbeautiful disaster by jon mclaughlin…your childhoodfor the love of a daughter by demi lovato…first loveforget her by jeff buckley…hook upi want you by cassie steele…lovefade into you by sam palladio & clare bown…break uphero by jessie j…dyingyou by keaton henson

tag five people…tagging checkthemeaning saethcohen cecaelias allydiq unicornachos obviously you don’t need to do up a fancy image or upload the playlist to 8tracks or anything unless you want to, I just wanted to try some shit out.

Evan Peters at the American Horror Story panel at San Diego Comic-Con International 2014, 26th July 2014. (x)

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The strangest part about being famous is you don’t get to give first impressions anymore. Everyone already has an impression of you before you meet them.

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Blake Lively answers 73 fun questions [x]

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Emma Roberts as Madison Montgomery in AHS: Coven

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I think that it is very important if you know what you want, understand where you are heading towards, and try your best to get it. It is only when we use our hearts to do it, and fall in love with what we are doing, then can we really get real determination.” 

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“Ever get the feeling That we’ll be alright? Life was meant for living We’re doing just fine Don’t let nobody tell you That your soul ain’t right Because you need the darkness To enjoy the light ”

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