I got tagged by allydiq to show my desktop. Apparently you don’t change your background and then tag as many peeps as you want. Obvi you can see what I think about being cool/how limited my photo selection was when I set up my computer. I tag checkthemeaning and unicornachos because I enjoy judging them.

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So my friend bailed on going to the US with me which means I know have to find someone else to come ( and still pay a little extra to change shit over into some new persons name ) or I have to go by myself and pay a lot fucking extra to stay in all these hotels alone and tbh I didn’t want to fucking go alone ‘cause I feel unsafe enough sleeping at home alone, going to another country will fucking destroy me. I don’t even know anyone who would have the money and would be willing at this point. It’s $3300ish for hotels, transport to different states and theme parks and then you gotta add in plane tickets and food so I can’t really imagine anyone being able to come up with that in the next 5 months which if I go alone I won’t have to come up with an extra $3300 but I will have to make up what the other person would have put towards hotels. I’m so fucking fucked.

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you’ve made me the happiest juvenile delinquent in Baltimore!

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Cara Delevingne & Rita Ora - GQ Men of the Year Awards, London (02/09/2014)

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