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I have opened a AHS: Coven RP so if you are following me for those reasons and like to RP you should check it ooooout.

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"My favourite moment on set was probably the scene, we literally filmed this super fast, the scene where we are on the boat docks and it’s raining and we’re on the skateboards and stuff. […] We just had this skateboard and they told us to do something stupid. So we reenacted Titanic on a skateboard. I was like Rose and Jamie was like Jack. It was so weird. It was just typical Jamie and I doing stupid things. That was probably my favourite moment.”

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fangirl challenge 2.0 » [24/?] romantic ships

Marshall/Lily (How I Met Your Mother)

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You are so out of our league.

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shut the fuck up hermione you fucking nerd.

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"I hate Void-Stiles so much!"

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I don’t even know how to find someone to have a crush on.

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Call your mum or someone about the cat and see if that’s ever happened before, otherwise if it isn’t responding or moving then definitely take it to the vet whenever you have the chance. Cats can get concussions.

Thanks for the advice! It did wake up but like it was out for 5-10 minutes I’d say ( I was cooking so didn’t realise what happened ‘til I was done so not really sure how long exactly it was ). My Mum was my first call but she’s on a cruise out at sea so it was kind of not working. I called a few friends and one called me back and we looked through a few websites that said if the cat like eats and doesn’t know itself out a lot then it should be fine but so what it so I’ma stay up tonight and give it some food and make sure it doesn’t pass out or anything and if it is weird I guess I’ll call some family members with cars.

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